The clips below span my work as a reporter, editor and producer. To view these bodies of work individually, click on one of the following: Reporter, Editor, Multimedia.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 5.20.27 PMAccessibility in Greektown: As the primary editor for this story, I worked with reporter Alana Saad and The Maneater’s graphics and photography departments to create an in-depth investigative story about the accessibility of Greektown and Greek Life for MU students with disabilities. Beyond extensive editing of the text, I also pitched and gathered information for the interactive graphic that accompanied the story. The story was far and away’s most read story at time of publication with 1,670 page visits and an average time of more than six minutes spent with the story during its first week. The original draft as I received it can be read here.

I6A3111_web-560x373 Marlboro Medicine: For Vox Magazine’s health issue, I pitched my idea to profile a medical professional who smokes off the clock. I found respiratory therapist Mark Shiner and learned that people in his profession — who treat patients with many smoking-related diseases — are more likely than any other medical professionals to smoke themselves.

phones1 Cellphone recycling saves money, curbs environmental damage, but it’s still underused: I wrote an in-depth piece about the logistics behind cellphone recycling. When you sell back or recycle a phone, where does it go? The piece ran on the front page of The Star’s weekly business insert.

SKILLSUSA_062614_rs_0366f Thousands of students whip up grand SkillsUSA finale for Kansas City: The SkillsUSA competition is the end-all be-all contest for technical students. It lived in downtown Kansas City for 21 years, and my feature covered KC’s last year hosting the tournament. I chose to focus on the volunteers who helped it run for more than two decades. The story ran on the front page of the business section.

THRIFTWAY_BZ_20140617_KAM_0216F After 58 years in business, Lipari Brothers Thriftway is closing: I got to know the managers of a family-owned grocery store as they coped with the emotions that came with closing the store for good. A mainstay in their community, I was able to highlight the economic repercussions of the void the store would leave behind. The story ran on business front.

Second screen Movie theaters may soon encourage cell phone use: One of my first stories for The Star was a trend piece about new technologies and “second screen” usage in movie theaters. It ran on A1 and was syndicated in more than 20 papers.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.04.19 PM Hipster bunnies hype up Easter: The other Reuters intern and I pitched, filmed, produced and scripted this life story independently during our semester in Brussels. It was one of the top Reuters videos for the month, and was picked up by more than 100 international clients, including the Canadian Broadcasting Company and the Washington Post.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 1.00.28 PM Chinese president meets his country’s pandas in Belgium zoo: I independently reported, scripted and transmitted this feature on Chinese President Xi Jinping and Belgian King Philippe’s trip to a zoo south of Brussels.

deatonlayout New chapter for Brady and Anne Deaton builds on lifetime of academia, family:  I wrote this story with another reporter, who focused mostly on data and Deaton’s academic accomplishments. I focused on his personal life and legacy, and conducted an hour-long solo interview with the chancellor and his wife. The story ran as the Missourian’s centerpiece on the front page.


111913_Death_Penalty_Vigil_KSE_022_01_t_w600_h3000Protesters ‘cautiously optimistic’ about Joseph Paul Franklin’s stay of execution: On my way to cover a death penalty protest, a district court judge issued a stay for the inmate. My reporting was a mix of event coverage and breaking news as I worked to report about the protesters and Franklin’s developing story.

Deaton, Wolfe discuss AAU rating with MU Faculty Council: As the Faculty Council beat writer for the Missourian, I covered all of the council’s bi-weekly meetings. In this story, the chancellor and the University of Missouri system president attended the meeting.

100913_TransgenderHomecoming_JS_4_t_w600_h475 MU Homecoming king candidate pushes gender boundaries: I wrote about a genderqueer student running for Homecoming King and their decision to check the ‘king’ box when applying to run. It ran as the centerpiece of the Missourian’s front page.

General Faculty meeting discusses shared governance: In addition to covering regular Faculty Council meetings, I also wrote about special faculty meetings for the Missourian. For this meeting, I worked to explain the nuances of the university’s complicated decision to disband the Nuclear Science and Engineering Institute without input from affected faculty.

100113_ColumbiaCollegeROTC001_t_w600_h475 Mid-Missouri programs, services feel impact of government shutdown: Two other reporters and I worked to create this explainer story about the services affected by the government shutdown of 2013. I tied all of our reporting together and organized the story.


photo (14)_8089.slide Archaeological team uncovers ancient suburb, makes way for redevelopment: During my summer at the Beacon, I reported and photographed a feature about the massive archaeological dig in the area that preceded construction for a new bridge.

More054_jpg_900x800_q85‘More for Less’ marches for higher education funding: The culmination of several pieces about the growing student movement against higher education cuts from the state of Missouri, I spent a day in Jefferson City reporting about More for Less’ march on the capitol. It ran as the centerpiece on the front page of The Maneater. Read the rest of the series in chronological order:
— Students stand against education cuts (Jan. 27, 2012)
— Scroggs signs 2,000th ‘More for Less’ letter (Feb. 7, 2012)
— More for Less collects more than 6,000 letters, heads to Jefferson City (Feb. 14, 2012)
— More for Less returns from ‘successful’ trip to Mo. Capital (Feb. 17, 2012)
— MSA and ASUM lobby against higher education funding cuts (March 9, 2012)
— STORIFY: Following #moreforless (April 27, 2012)


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