40 days abroad

I’m really, really tired.

It’s 10:06 a.m. and I’m at work and I’m terrible at blogging. In 40 days I’ve written one legitimate blog, so I guess we should all play some catch-up, yes? Full disclosure: I’m seriously really tired and today is the day I lost the battle against wearing leggings to work.

I do love work. I do, I do. Almost all of the stuff worth writing about has been stuff I’ve done because of Reuters, and my internship makes this semester away so worth it. Sometimes I look at other people’s study abroad blogs — they’re in Barcelona on a Thursday and I’m like “OK COOL WHATEVER” from my desk — but I don’t know if I’d really want to be here if it meant I wasn’t working. If my summer internship search has taught me anything, it’s that the idea of not reporting makes me really uncomfortable. So I’m happy to work a lot. It keeps me sane and this job is so cool.

So far, I’ve helped cover:

1. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso (I sat in his chair for a second and then this happened, please enjoy my nervous laughter)
2. Protest over the Turkish PM’s visit
3. Protest over EU environmental policy
4. Protest over human rights in Russia
5. A FEMEN demonstration
6. The EU-Russia Summit
7. A life-size cat brothel advertisement (for cat neutering) (it was strange)
8. A hotel shaped like a colon (Charmingly named CasAnus)
9. Working conditions in Qatar
10. A speech by European Central Bank President Mario Draghi
11. Child euthanasia in Belgium

PLUS because I do collegiate stuff too, I went to Amsterdam.

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1780678_10152332754766754_414009179_nAnd I went to Ghent on Sunday for the ballet. This is Lauren’s picture because I didn’t have my iPhone with me :/

I’ve also been sporadically attending classes and trying to get my online classes under control and cursing the Internet connection here about every five minutes. And applying for dozens of summer internships (guys, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel, I can feel it, I’ll explain later but keep going you got it) and sleeping all weekend.

Plus, it’s my 21st birthday tomorrow and I have no idea how that happened.