Delaying greatness

Still working on that whole I HAVE TO BE GREAT thing.

Liz pulled up my staff page during editing today. Truth be told, I’ve kind of been avoiding it because it’s still pretty short and it embarrasses me. I’ve been working on an update about the Nuclear Science and Engineering Institute for weeks, and I know it will pay off eventually but I really wish eventually was, I don’t know, today. I know I’m working, but I also know I could be working harder. I’m an “untapped resource,” and all that.

I think it’s mostly a focus thing. I need to figure out how to get in the zone faster. Yesterday, I procrastinated for hours before hauling myself to Lakota to get some work done. But once I got started, I got a lot done. It’s just the starting that stumps me. I know that’s not a unique problem, but I wish it wasn’t my problem.


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